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Adding glitter wallpaper to your baby’s nursery

Having a baby is magical so it really is the perfect time to have some fun with your home décor and bring some extra sparkle to your home, starting in the nursery!

In response to a growing demand for something completely new we have launched the most gorgeous range of glitter wallcoverings through our online store – – for next day delivery throughout the US.

Nurseries and young children’s bedrooms play a key role in early development. Having a space for children to call their own, with somewhere to relax and dream, to be creative and enjoy life are all so important.

Indeed babies that are put in their own rooms sleep significantly longer, according to a US study of 230 first-time mothers by the American Academy of Pediatrics (source: CNN, June 2017), and no one is going to say no to another hour of sleep every night!

Why Glitter Wallpaper Is Popular In Nurseries

A baby’s environment should be calm and relaxing says “A visually simple and restful environment, gentle colors, natural light… are an ideal setting for learning.” A statement glitter wall, contrasted with plain walls, offers the ideal combination of stimulation and interest within the parameters of simplicity. It is also tactile and wonderfully mesmerizing – perfect for your baby’s senses.

What’s more, glitter is no longer the exclusive province of baby girls – feedback shows that our clients are also including glitter feature spaces in the nursery and playrooms of their baby boys. It transforms flat, plain walls, ceilings into an eye-catching, visual feast that, when used in deep, darker colours, creates a dynamic, exciting look. Think rockets, spaceships and galaxies; oceans, rivers and wildlife and our atmospheric glitter walls will transport you to other worlds!

Looking ahead, we are also finding that our clients are looking for something different that can also grow with their offspring. Certainly, a fabulous glitter feature wall or ceiling could easily be incorporated into an older child’s bedroom design as their tastes develop.

Glitter Wallpaper Fact-file:

  • $39.99 per yard
  • 30 designer colours
  • Online calculator available
  • YouTube instruction video (although we always recommend using a professional decorator with such a luxury product)
  • Samples available on request
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