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Using glitter wallpaper in your business premises

You might be forgiven for associating glitter wallpaper with the perfect little girl’s bedroom design. You’d be absolutely right of course because it is ideal for the ultimate princess palace – but glitter wallpaper has a place in a business setting too.

Break a few rules and take glitter to work. The obvious business environments that suit the glitz and bold statement design of glitter wallpaper are beauty havens such as hairdressers, spa settings, nail bars and similar. You can imagine how effective the sparkle is there and you can be really daring and extra creative with it.

However, glitter can be equally at home in a less obvious business environment such as a restaurant or retail store. The atmosphere you can create with clever use of glitter is simply stunning and, importantly in our competitive world, still extremely rare.


We have seen examples of deep blue sparkling overhead in an intimate restaurant setting. As a ceiling finish it is quite subtle but sumptuous when lit up. A client of ours used fresh white glitter wallpaper, contrasted with aqua and green flat colour, in a sushi bar and another was brave and bold with deep reds inset in the booths of a cocktail bar, set against a black background – love it or hate it, it created the effect they wanted.

Within retail, glitter is a visual merchandiser’s dream. Over the past year, we’ve suggested a number of visual merchandising solutions that use an array of the 30 colors we stock – it certainly draws the eye and focuses the consumer on the products being promoted.

Our product is durable, the glitter doesn’t rub or fall off and its fabric backing means you can think of hundreds of applications for it that will inspire and set the stage for your business perfectly. The founders of are interior design professionals and chose glitter wallpaper for its inspirational qualities. Ask us if you’d like to know more.

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