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Glitter Wallpaper Beauty Salon

Nailing your beauty salon design

A new application for our popular glitter wallpaper is in the décor of beauty salons across the world. We have noticed a growing trend for businesses who specialize in adding sparkle to their clients (in one way or another) to be very enthusiastic about continuing the theme in their salons. We love the continuity and the thought that where some fabulous nails end, a sparkly wall begins!

We have suggested a number of color schemes to these clients – most often using a range of pinks, blues and ice white glitter – to create an instant wow. These colors work beautifully with cool white walls and provide a lush, feminine vibe. Those who visit the salon fall in love with their surroundings and engage comfortably with the environment, feeling as though their treat has been magnified through the added luxury of their favourite salon’s interior.

Glitter wallpaper doesn’t mean you have to go all out modern either. You can team glitter with ultra-modern fittings or you can create a stark contrast with more traditional wooden salon fittings against it – using it as a dramatic backdrop.

Although we have noticed this as a trend around the world, it is still relatively untapped in the US. Glitter walls are a rising theme and offer you the opportunity to create an individual statement. It is quite a bold move to introduce glitter anywhere in your business, but, installed correctly, it looks amazing.

We spoke to one of our salon owners who ordered a quantity of pale blue glitter from us. “I chose this as I wanted my treatment rooms to really shine” she said. We made a few suggestions to help her develop the theme and she was delighted with the result.

Have you considered glitter in your salons? Would you go for a feature wall or decorate throughout? Why not try your reception or smaller feature areas first to see how it feels? We can guarantee you’ll love it – and so will your clients.

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