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Two New Gorgeous Glitter Wallpaper Colors

We are always looking to add new colors to our range of glitter wallpaper and are delighted to announce our latest arrivals, ‘Lavendar Hologram’ and ‘White Hologram’.  Both of these colors have been handpicked to add something extra special to our already extensive collection of glitter wallpaper.

Each of the new colors features a mix of matte and holographic iridescent glitter particles which catch the light in such a way to provide a delicate, subtle sparkle making both of these new shades ideal for use in those rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms and children’s room where you want to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Using Lavendar In Your Interior Design Scheme

Lavendar Hologram Glitter WallpaperOne of the reasons we chose to introduce the lavendar glitter wallpaper is that the soft tones of lavendar make it an ideal color to introduce subtly into an interior design scheme without overwhelming the space. It can be used to either showcase an element by pairing it with a brighter shade, or as a soft alternative to gray.

By pairing it with soft gray and white the lavendar glitter could successfully be used to keep interiors chic and pared-back without going for a highly sparkled feature wall, which is what you would achieve using our silver glitter wallpaper for example.

It is a fresh shade too so you can use it everywhere from traditional homes to contemporary apartments. Lavendar works especially well in bedrooms due to the soft color with cool undertones – getting you in the perfect mood for a good night sleep as color psychology suggests it can bring down blood pressure and slow respiration and heart rate.  If you’re thinking of using it in a girl’s bedroom then pink and purple is an ideal color combination for a truly coordinated look.

Available online at $39.99 per meter.  Spending over $400 use code NEW10 for 10% off at checkout.


Tips for Working With White In Interior Design

Our white hologram glitter wallpaper is also new for fall 2018 and is certainly one of our glitter wallcoverings that allows you to create the ‘wow’ factor if you want to embrace an all-white interiors White Hologram Glitter Wallpapertrend in your home or interior design project.  When used correctly, white can be the most refreshing color on the color wheel. It can give an air of purity, cleanliness, confidence and sophistication.

Our white can make a fantastic backdrop for rooms with a view; if you are lucky enough to live in a property with a stunning view of the beach, mountains or cityscape then using our white hologram glitter as a feature wall helps to enhance the gorgeous vistas.

If you’re worried that white can look stark and harsh, then consider pairing it with modern metals such as brass, copper and gold as this makes a home interior that is warm and inviting.  In the bedroom or living room you could use our white hologram glitter wallpaper with other textures to create a layered effect.  Match your interior decor accessories to the wallpaper with shades of white, warm whites, gray, warm grays by using patterns, textures and varying materials in similar hues to the wallpaper you can create a room that has depth and interest without the wallpaper overwhelming your space.

Our white hologram glitter is available online at $39.99 per meter, we offer two free samples, and for orders over $400 you can save 10% using code NEW10 at checkout.

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