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Incorporating glitter within your business

When it comes to making your business a success having something that sets your business apart in a crowded market is important. Many business owners choose to decorate their premises in such a way that customers will automatically recognize their products or brand wherever they shop.

The use of glitter wallpaper in commercial premises has become ever more popular, mainly because of it’s many uses; whether it be to create feature walls, window displays, or even bespoke covered glitter furniture it is certainly a wallcovering that stands out from the ordinary.

An advantage of using glitter wallpaper compared to standard commercial wallpaper, is that the price compared to some designs can work out more competitive per meter, meaning you may be able to cover a larger are than you anticipated. Not only is this unique, luxurious wallcovering an all-round statement, you can theme the glitter to your existing company color scheme, or depending on your type of business link this with current promotions, seasonal picks such as Christmas, Halloween etc.

Other benefits to using glitter wallpaper over normal wallpaper in your business include the wide variety of colors available for you to choose from. Our most popular colors include: Silver, Silver Hologram, Rose Gold and Black.

Can’t decide on a color? Our glitter wallpaper co-ordinates perfectly with other shades in the collection, you can mix and match colors in order to create your desired look (perfect for window displays and bespoke events)

Looking for a way to attract passing byers to your business? Our glitter wallpaper offers the perfect amount of sparkleness, captivating the eye. This can create great photo opportunities for your business, a fabulous way to encourage people to take photos and upload to social media. You could even use it to create a giant Instagram inspired photo frame that customer can take selfies in when they visit your store or fro nail and hair salons use it as a photo wall to show off your creations via social media.

There are endless things you can do with glitter wallpaper. If you don’t want a full feature wall of glitter, why not work with Visual Merchandisers to create display pieces containing glitter elements. One example of this is how visual merchandisers Z7 Communications used our glitter to create a promotional install for Charlotte Tilbury. As you can see in the image below, our rose gold glitter was used as a backdrop and the mulberry glitter on the stars as a complimentary color to complete the final display.

Our glitter wallpaper is complied with CAL TB 117:2013 section 1: cover fabric test for fire rating so it’s suitable for all types of commercial and event work.

If you’ve got somewhere that you want to use glitter or perhaps you are a visual merchandiser who wants to find out more about using glitter in a commercial setting, then our team at Glitter Wall Store can help. We offer exclusive rates for large scale commercial projects and have worked with many leading US visual merchandisers and retail designers. We can provide a full sample card featuring all of our glitter swatches to help you decide on colors and can also arrange for large samples to be sent on request. Whatever the event or business our team are here to help create a look you truly want for your business.

“We used the Silver glitter wallpaper in a recent customer event and launch party. Everyone loved having their photo taken in front of the glitter photo wall & it made a fantastic backdrop for showcasing products” – Melissa (Events co-ordinater & visual designer)

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